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  2. If the current client from the downloads is not displaying; please use this client as some players have had the issue of the client loading (you can hear the login music) but not the actual client. I believe this is caused due to the default client attempting to centre itself on your screen upon opening. This alternative client opens at 0,0 (should be top left hand) of your screen. Please keep in mind, this client does not have the ability to edit F Keys; I will make an updated version of the default client to remedy this issue in the future. Download Other Client
  3. hey im envi

    Ahahaha welcome bra ull be a gud edition to da server we gon lite dis up
  4. Hello Euphoria.

    Going to be quite active here so I figured i'd make a thread introducing myself. My IRL name is Rey. You can just call me that instead of "Villain" bra . I like punting midgets, fried chicken and Graphical Design bra. Bra is my favorite word bra. Brum of mixd background but i'm studying in LA atm bra. I'll be making future posters, wallapers & Forum Templates (I.E: Member rank bulletins, Layouts ETC.) if I have free time bra. Hopefully you manz and womenz like it! Feel free to send me screenshots you feel are worthy of being editted and put up as a wallpaper bra! I'll slide partial credit ur way bra! That's all for for now deucez bra cya all ingame or later on!
  5. hey im envi

    l00l wat the fuck i been here for 15 hrs already gettin exposed fuck
  6. hey im envi

    damn wats good bro
  7. hey im envi

    hey im envi and i love you
  8. My client dosen't work

    Hey bro, So whats happening is that your windows is opening the jar file as a zip/archive file. You need to run the jar with Java. If you dont have it installed you can install java here: Once you have that downloaded/installed. You will need to right click the jar and do the following (I did this on Windows 7) Right click the Jar Select Open With Java (TM) Platform SE Binary
  9. My client dosen't work

    hello guys when i download the client all what comes upp is this any1 mind help me ?
  10. Custom FKeys

    Hi all, Due to some hybrids wanting custom f keys; I have updated the client to support custom mappings. To set them; open the developers console (pressing the button to the left of the 1 which has the symbol ` on it). Commands: help (lists all commands), fkeys (opens the editor), fkeysreset (resets layout to default) After opening the editor you will see this window pop up: Selecting which F key for which tab will change its mapping. Once you are satisfied with your mapping; click save. You can download the client here or by clicking any of the download buttons on the forum. If you experience any bugs; please run your client via console (command prompt or terminal) and review any errors the client will print out and feel free to message me or post on the forum.
  11. My character

    Sorry I was busy during this weekend. The issue was around farming; I have since removed it. You should be able to login to your account now.
  12. My character

    I logged in again, and I'm "dead" again. hmph. My combat stats are 99 but my combat level is 0.
  13. My character

    I can't seem to use teleports either. And most of the things don't work normally. I mean, I can give someone like Andre my acc info to go and see for himself.
  14. My character

    So i logged in. My character is in the edgeville home. Or atleast it is supposed to be. I don't see my character anywhere on the screen and i have 0hp. I vote, ::restore, but am still missing. So I tried wielding something and my character appears again. I thought everything was just fine. But when i tried to change chat (you game, public, private etc.) It said in chat : you can't do this while in tutorial. I was like woah what the hell. I'm also not gaining any stamina back. Idk what is going on but i sure hope you can do something.
  15. Voting

    Ok. Thanks.
  16. Voting

    Sorry, it was brought to my attention voting has been broken for awhile. Links have been updated ingame as well on the forums as a new vote system has been implemented. Thanks, Andre
  17. Voting

    I vote on all 3 places but no auth codes show up? Any ideas why?
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