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  1. If the current client from the downloads is not displaying; please use this client as some players have had the issue of the client loading (you can hear the login music) but not the actual client. I believe this is caused due to the default client attempting to centre itself on your screen upon opening. This alternative client opens at 0,0 (should be top left hand) of your screen. Please keep in mind, this client does not have the ability to edit F Keys; I will make an updated version of the default client to remedy this issue in the future. Download Other Client
  2. My client dosen't work

    Hey bro, So whats happening is that your windows is opening the jar file as a zip/archive file. You need to run the jar with Java. If you dont have it installed you can install java here: Once you have that downloaded/installed. You will need to right click the jar and do the following (I did this on Windows 7) Right click the Jar Select Open With Java (TM) Platform SE Binary
  3. Custom FKeys

    Hi all, Due to some hybrids wanting custom f keys; I have updated the client to support custom mappings. To set them; open the developers console (pressing the button to the left of the 1 which has the symbol ` on it). Commands: help (lists all commands), fkeys (opens the editor), fkeysreset (resets layout to default) After opening the editor you will see this window pop up: Selecting which F key for which tab will change its mapping. Once you are satisfied with your mapping; click save. You can download the client here or by clicking any of the download buttons on the forum. If you experience any bugs; please run your client via console (command prompt or terminal) and review any errors the client will print out and feel free to message me or post on the forum.
  4. My character

    Sorry I was busy during this weekend. The issue was around farming; I have since removed it. You should be able to login to your account now.
  5. Voting

    Sorry, it was brought to my attention voting has been broken for awhile. Links have been updated ingame as well on the forums as a new vote system has been implemented. Thanks, Andre
  6. update for skillers ?

    I like this idea and will find a way to implement it.
  7. Every Player MUST Read this

    Honestly, I simply don't have the time. It would be cool to see Euphoria grow, but being full time in school it really limits updates I can do. As for the future, I managed to get hosting for a long time for free in West Europe (don't know exact location). This means Euphoria will always be online for around another 2 years for free running on the best hardware (8 core, 16gb dedicated server). -still running on a cheap host, I have yet to transfer to this new one. Maybe on holidays I can work on something for you guys, but for the time being; sorry, just simply can't do it.
  8. Login

    Okay the username attached to the display name 'A Fat Potato' has the username: 'am a potato'. The IPmatches an account you recently played on so I'll reset the password and PM it to you.
  9. Login

    I will add an update ingame sometime today and then get the account associated with the display 'a fat potato' and verify its you and give you the credentials.
  10. Login

    Let me know the display name and I'll get the username for you. Also give me an account you've been playing on so I can confirm you are the account owner.
  11. Login

    Hi Potato, You will receive this message if the account you are trying to create has the username of another accounts display. For example, if my username is Bob but I set the display name to Bobby, even though Bobby isn't a user, no one else can make an account with this until I remove the display name or change it on Bob. If you are receiving this notice on an account you own, please let me know the user. Thanks, Andre

    Looks good bro
  13. Gravite Shortbow

    Done. Please check it ingame to ensure its correct.
  14. ;;Gear f2p category plox

  15. testing my signature

  16. Construction

    We used to have full construction where you could build your house but it caused some bugs regarding in-game objects so I had to remove it. Also the source is poorly coded in supporting large new content like this, so I'm not sure I would add this soon just because it will require some changes first.
  17. Sled

    I will find a nice way to add this ingame, but it wont be spawnable.
  18. Flamin

    Hi potato, I will speak with Naal next time I see him ingame. Also for future reports, please use the command (;;time) ingame - this will give the current server time and makes it easier to look up log data. Thanks, Andre
  19. Forum Rules

    Follow these rules to prevent getting punished and possibly getting your account disabled: Phishing - Any form of leading players to another site or program that is meant to hurt them will result in a punishment. Grave Digging - Do not post on old, inactive threads without significant detail to add. Post Count Farming - Posts that are deemed useless ('nice', 'lol', etc.) will result in a warning. Bug Abuse - Don't abuse a forum glitch if you find one, notify the staff instead for a possible reward.
  20. In-Game Rules

    These are the in-game rules. Abide by them to avoid getting into trouble. Disrupting the Peace - Obnoxious chatter (e.g. ragging talk or excessive l0l's/r0fl's) or behaviour that affects the masses (in some cases ragging) is not allowed. DDOS Threats/DDOS Talk - Credible DDOS threats will not be tolerated. Jokingly talking about DDOS is considered a nuisance and is punishable. Spamming - Spam will not be tolerated. Racism - Using racism (e.g. a racist name) will not be tolerated. Flaming - Disrespecting or insulting other players is not allowed. Avoiding Punishments - Hopping on different accounts to continue breaking a rule (e.g. flaming, spamming) will likely result in an IP ban. Leaking Personal Information - Leaking serious personal information will not be tolerated. Kill Farming/Feeding (suiciding) - Farming kills or intentionally letting yourself die repeatedly is not allowed. Advertising - Advertising another server will not be tolerated. Phishing - Tricking players into visiting an IP logger or downloading harmful content will not be tolerated. Account Sharing - Donor+ account sharing/trading/giving away is not allowed. Shared non-donor accounts cannot be recovered if lost. Macro - Use of third-party programs to gain in-game advantages is not allowed. Bug Abuse - Abuse of a serious and/or destructive glitch will not be tolerated. Disrespect Towards Staff Members - Staff members have their ranks for a reason. They're here to moderate the server, but you're not entitled to their service or attention. Staff Member Impersonation - Impersonating a staff member will not be tolerated.
  21. New Forums

    Old forums were outdated and had issues (for old players, we had tons of spammers). This new forum is still based on IPB but is running on their 4.1.x revision opposed to the last forum 3.x. This will allow use to have better security measures and more flexibility. *you will need to re-make your account as the database isn't going to be imported due to the amount of old spammers that existed in the old one -sorry* If you encounter any bugs please let me know as soon as possible.
  22. Forums looks 100% better than the old ones. Still some little things need to be done.