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  1. hey im envi

    Ahahaha welcome bra ull be a gud edition to da server we gon lite dis up
  2. Hello Euphoria.

    Going to be quite active here so I figured i'd make a thread introducing myself. My IRL name is Rey. You can just call me that instead of "Villain" bra . I like punting midgets, fried chicken and Graphical Design bra. Bra is my favorite word bra. Brum of mixd background but i'm studying in LA atm bra. I'll be making future posters, wallapers & Forum Templates (I.E: Member rank bulletins, Layouts ETC.) if I have free time bra. Hopefully you manz and womenz like it! Feel free to send me screenshots you feel are worthy of being editted and put up as a wallpaper bra! I'll slide partial credit ur way bra! That's all for for now deucez bra cya all ingame or later on!