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  1. My character

    I logged in again, and I'm "dead" again. hmph. My combat stats are 99 but my combat level is 0.
  2. My character

    I can't seem to use teleports either. And most of the things don't work normally. I mean, I can give someone like Andre my acc info to go and see for himself.
  3. My character

    So i logged in. My character is in the edgeville home. Or atleast it is supposed to be. I don't see my character anywhere on the screen and i have 0hp. I vote, ::restore, but am still missing. So I tried wielding something and my character appears again. I thought everything was just fine. But when i tried to change chat (you game, public, private etc.) It said in chat : you can't do this while in tutorial. I was like woah what the hell. I'm also not gaining any stamina back. Idk what is going on but i sure hope you can do something.
  4. Voting

    Ok. Thanks.
  5. Voting

    I vote on all 3 places but no auth codes show up? Any ideas why?
  6. More xp than should?

    When catching implings, if you spam click them, you can get up to 3 times the xp. Not a big bug, but I thought i'd report it anyway.
  7. Login

    Ah yes. Well i made a new account and it's called " Protato ".
  8. Login

    Ah damn. I'm really not sure of the display name and i haven't played on any other account. Kinda just took a break. It just annoys me that i can't really clarify that it is my account. But i think the display name is "A fat potato". And i think it has a pink title saying Woof Woof :P. But that's all i really can remember. I understand that you have to have some way of confirming that i own the account but i can't think of anything.
  9. Login

    This is my account but it's been such a long time and i can't quite remember it, i've prestiged so i think it's on the list or whatever
  10. Login

    "You must change your account's display name before you can login" And when i click change display name it takes to my computer's downloaded files. Any fixes?
  11. Flamin

  12. Construction

    Making wood into planks is really slow xp and a lot of clicking. I suggest, you add full construction (mainly own house). That way construction would come more pleasing to do and you could make your own houses!
  13. Sled

    Make sled spawnable! i'm sure you'll love it
  14. Flamin

    Got it. Will do next time
  15. Flamin

    Naal Hassan flaming all around. I'm an asshole so i decided to report him! love you <3 29.3.2017 20:36 UTC+02.00 Never made a report before but idc i try my best to keep the server clean