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  1. update for skillers ?

  2. To Register you need to provide your ingame name that you will be using on the tournament day , Register by clicking here The tournament will start on Firday 1 December [2017/12/01] 7:00 PM , anyone who isn't there by 6:50 PM is disqualified. Levels will be 61 with normal basic loadsetup stats only. Prize : 1 Santa Hat , Champion status ingame -Note : Rares will be unspawnable in the near future. [The fights will be recorded and used for a promotion video of Euphoria RSPS]
  3. how to open file

    Use Java(platform) SE B
  4. Halloween Tournament !!!!

    Halloween Tourney is on : waiting for you guys to register !!!! Rules : no pizza / no safing - 61 Cb the ::gear f2p pure normal [ONLY] [Halloween mask any colour is a must] First place prize : 3M osrs `~` Happy Halloween `~` Winner : Idiocity
  5. dominion tower can't reach that bug

    i'll be on today the whole day.
  6. More xp than should?

    Thank you for letting us know .
  7. Every Player MUST Read this

  8. Login

    if you have another acc or if u can make a new account right now and give him the username of that acc and the display name he can see if ur the real owner of the old acc too , by checking ip adresses
  9. What will happen to euphoria exactly?

    @423 Million
  10. What will happen to euphoria exactly?

    i love the fashionscape idea , will be adding that , also for Dharok's and barrows i was thinking we could make it easy to get and a cheap item just for the sake of collecting dh sets since i know people usually like to collect dharok's sets , as we used to do in f2p collect saradomin's and trimmed sets , but if you think we should make them spawnable we can change that part , also i wanted to hear a couple of voices from the players because i literally thought about this alone and you can't make anything perfect if you're trying to give a huge amount of players something , so i really love to hear more comments on this topic before we come to any final decisions , also if you need us to add something other than Gilded and the fashionscape let us know . Ps: Gilded is not coded in 718 revisions , if we find a model posted on rsps forums we will definitely add them
  11. What Will The Currency Be ? -Pkpoints that you can collect everytime you kill someone in the dangerous Arena/Wilderness/RedPortal , which will stack in your Quest tab where it shows your Rank:Player for most of you , or Rank:Donator if you have voted , which then you can exchange those PKP to Coins to riskfight , or you can collect them and buy the unspawnables from the market that we will be offering for you at Edgeville , basically it will be a new NPC that you can talk to and open the shop to Buy stuff. -How do we know no one will farm PKP ? Farming Pkp will be lead to account termination/PKP turn back to 0 if caught , although we will make a protection over that which won't give you PKP if you kill the same person from the same IP , There will be a cooldown for different IP adresses as well. -What items will the shop offer us ? Partyhats , h'Weens , SantaHat , Trimmed Rune Sets , Chaotics , Spirit shields , Nex armours , Dharok's , Dragon Claws , Armadyl Godsword , Bandos Set , Vesta And Statius items. [Might Add/Remove stuff depending on your comments , please take time to let us know what you want] -Will there be other ways to obtain these items other than Pking ? Yes , there will be Donator shop where you can buy those items using Paypal. Also there will be PVM-ing to obtain spirit shields and nex armours , Ags , Dharok's , Dclaws. Clue Scrolls for Trimmed Rune Armours. -When will this update be ready ? The update will be ready in 15-20 Days , when we finalize everything and be sure we are giving you what you want. -Will we still be getting free donator from voting ? Unfortunately the free donator will be taken away from you , you will have to donate to regain this status , although people that have donated in the past which we know who they are will have access on donar status if they make a request. Voting will be giving you a box which gives you 3 Boxes , These boxes give you Random amount of PKP,Coins and if you are lucky enough you will get an unspawnable from these boxes. -People have compcape without achieving it legit ? Everyone will lose their CompCape except the ones who have prestiged , and or legit gained the compcape. -Dungeoneering might not be up for now , but it will be in the future. I will definitely have ideas to Add/Remove things in this post , i will keep you updated if anything new comes up to my mind , i will happily read each comment and take them under consideration.
  12. Delaying Tutorial Ft. Idiocity

    Vid #1 : Vid #2 : Vid #3 : All Thanks To @Idiocity
  13. Full Spawn Server or Not !?

    i just realized that means No in Japanese
  14. Every Player MUST Read this

    i'm not sure if we can add pets on 718 , we do have regular pets such as baby dragons , but not sure if we can add custom pets , and the nex+shield idea will be taken under consideration.
  15. Full Spawn Server or Not !?

    so you mean we should do a couple of p2p items unspawnable aswell ? i was thinking , let's make it like in wilderness or in f2p arena whenever there are 6+ players , you randomly get a target and you have to kill them , killing them guarantees you PKP=pk points , which u can spend in the shop that we will make , and if you are lucky enough depending on your KDA/EP you might get a rare drop ... i want everyone to react to what i'm thinking because i don't want to do something you guys don't like ! @423 Million