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Hello Euphoria.

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Going to be quite active here so I figured i'd make a thread introducing myself.

  • My IRL name is Rey. You can just call me that instead of "Villain"  bra :D.
  • I like punting midgets, fried chicken and Graphical Design bra.
  • Bra is my favorite word bra.
  • Brum of mixd background but i'm studying in LA atm bra.
  • I'll be making future posters, wallapers & Forum Templates (I.E: Member rank bulletins, Layouts ETC.)  if I have free time bra. Hopefully you manz and womenz like it!
  • Feel free to send me screenshots you feel are worthy of being editted and put up as a wallpaper bra!
  • I'll slide partial credit ur way bra!

That's all for for now deucez bra cya all ingame or later on!

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